Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Sudan

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Sudan

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Apr. 17: The London-based Hayat reported that the government had ordered the expulsion of 150-200 Arabs who fought in Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan war. The move was intended to improve relations with Egypt. [4/18 FBIS]

Apr. 20: Sudanese Alliance Forces, an opposition group, reported that it had killed 15 government soldiers in an attack on a government garrison in Kassala, in the East. [4/23 FBIS]

Apr. 21: President `Umar Hasan Ahmad alBashir appointed the following cabinet:

`Abd al-Rahim Muhammad Husayn, Office of the Presidency

Salah al-Din Muhammad Ahmad Qarar, Council of Ministers

Hasan `Abd al-Rahman `Ali, National Defense

`Ali `Uthman Muhammad Taha, External Relations

Bakri Hasan Salih, Internal Affairs

`Abd al-Basit Salih Saddarat, Justice

Al-Tayyib Ibrahim Muhammad Khayr, Information and Culture

`Ali al-Hajj Muhammad, Federal Relations

`Abd al-Wahhab `Uthman, Finance and National Economy

`Uthman al-Hadi Ibrahim, External Trade

Badr al-Din Sulayman, National Industry

Nafi `Ali Nafi, Agriculture and Forestry

Musa Mak Kur, Livestock

Ya'qub Musa Abu-Shura, Irrigation

`Awad Ahmad al-Jaz, Energy and Mining

Albino Akol Akol, Transport

Al-Hadi Bushra, Roads and Communications

Galwak Deng, Survey and Construction Development

Al-Tijani Adam al-Tahir, Aviation

Muhammad Tahir 'Ala', Tourism and Environment

`Abd-al-Wahhab `Abd-al-Rahim, Higher Education and Scientific Research

Kabosho Kuku, Education

Muhammad `Uthman Khalifa, Social Planning

Angelo Beda, Public Service

Ihsan `Abdallah al-Ghabshawi, Health

Muhammad al-Amin Khalifa, Supreme Council for Peace

Abu al-Qasim Muhammad Ibrahim, Relations in the National Assembly [4/23 FBIS]

Apr. 23: At Khartoum University, students rioted after the announcement that an Islamist student had won the student union election. Three students were wounded. [4/24 FBIS]

Apr. 26: The UN Security Council called for sanctions against the Sudan. The sanctions would limit the number of diplomats from each country in the Sudan and restrict Sudanese diplomatic presence in member countries. [4/27 WP]

Apr. 30: The Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA) and the South Sudan Independence Army (SSIA) signed a unification agreement to merge their organizations. …

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