Call Me the Seeker: Listening to Religion in Popular Music

Article excerpt

Call Me the Seeker: Listening to Religion in Popular Music Michael J. Gilmour, Editor. New York: Continuum, 2005.

For most academics there's the world and then there's the religious world. But artists, who grapple with Big Ideas, or Big Questions, have to deal with religion in everyday life.

Call Me a Seeker looks at religion and religious themes in secular music. The book is a collection of chapters by various writers. Not surprisingly, Bono is the subject of two chapters while Bob Dylan has one; Nick Cave has two treatments while a chapter each is devoted to Metallica, the Rolling Stones, rap, Sinead O'Connor, rave, country music, and the popular Broadway musical "Les Miz."

This is an interesting and intriguing book. Too often young rock fans deny religion or put it safely away on a shelf. But this book, which looks at religion somewhere between fundamentalist Christianity and Satanism, does not allow the reader to discard religion so easily. Religion-or God -haunts us and forces us to confront the meaning of life. The artists in this book wrestle with the issue of God in varying degrees and the writers wrestle with the artists and the works they produce. …


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