Reference Works: Kurdish Culture and Society. an Annotated Bibliography

Article excerpt

Kurdish Culture and Society. An Annotated Bibliography, compiled by Lokman I. Meho and Kelly L. Maglaughlin. Westport, CT and London: Greenwood Press, 2001. xv + 314 pages. Appendix to p. 317. Name Index to p. 326. Title Index to p. 348. Subject Index to p. 365. About the compilers. $79.95.

This annotated bibliography on Kurdish culture and society is the first of its kind, both in terms of the language of the sources and the subjects it covers. The volume is divided into two parts. While Part One contains two essays on the Kurds and Kurdistan in general and an overview on the Kurds in Lebanon, Part Two covers the bibliographies. The bibliographical part contains more than 930 entries, identified as books, scholarly journal articles, book chapters, doctoral dissertations, conference papers, and articles in scholarly dictionaries and encyclopedias. While 60% of the sources are in English, the book includes items in Arabic, French, German, Italian and other European languages, with publications dating from the 1700s to the year 2000. A large number of the entries are accompanied by annotations of varying length and character. They are either written by Meho, or are extracted from other identified sources.

The items are divided into 22 sections, starting with general works and ending with miscellaneous pieces. In between are items grouped under anthropology, archaeology, arts, description and travel, economy and development, education, health, Jewish Kurds, Kurdish diaspora, Kurds in Syria, Lebanon and the former Soviet Union; language studies, literature, folklore and oral traditions, music dance and songs; national, cultural and ethnic identity; national identity and the language question; population and urban studies, religion, and women. This compilation is, indeed, an indispensable resource with which researchers and readers can easily identify relevant information on the Kurds and Kurdistan.

In general, the book also contains other important contributions. …


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