Academic journal article Women's Studies Quarterly

3: Value Acquisition

Academic journal article Women's Studies Quarterly

3: Value Acquisition

Article excerpt

a treasured lack oflight

is presented with long-term justice.

the money's already gone.

the system is a splinter

beneath fingernails.

we have powered

electrical grids and

water networks.

the tribe's numbers

are declining, a world of richness,

density of sound, harmonious

from all directions, beyond vision,

based on sensation, alone.

healer spirit, with interest, whistling.

the entire land a doorway.

every sound, its meaning.


glittering shawls draped over electronic

appliances for protection, the isolated

political leader sees nothing, the river

has not overflowed it banks, yet. a government

of the heart. I hope for daily, passionate coverage

of newspaper affairs, fruits of the marketplace.

having come to a decision, the single history

is theirs, ours is alimentation.



the slowdown of confidence is alarming,

children painted red. two cups of coffee,

a possible apartment, my life as a stranger.

I chose it. I left me alone as sport.

and there I found nothing.

no one. not my parents, an institute.

a steel guitar, work songs

the presence of arrivals is deception. …

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