Academic journal article Women's Studies Quarterly

Message to Legatee

Academic journal article Women's Studies Quarterly

Message to Legatee

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I does not want to go to war. And you don't either. What does I want? I does not want to make odes. Wilfred Owen downed in elegy. Several deer appear among the tall grasses, look up and keep chewing. I wants to get down to brass tacks and trombones and leave the spit shine behind. What does we want? We doesn't exist. To govern is to make decisions that have little to do with I's and We's. The man who boos at operas, a fanatic? I moves like a scorpion saving I's best venom for the worst crises. Emperors could learn from the animal world. Soon I will be under house and garden, time runs and dies of an attack at any moment, so it's good that there is at least one Zionist who took Ecstasy. One and one do not make we, we is not a mathematical equation, but an idea whose time has never come. Here is a list of important maladies that may affect anyone, including decent, law-abiding citizens:

Pa-feng: phobic fear of wind and cold in Chinese patients

Hwa-byung: suppressed-anger syndrome in Korean patients

Latah: psychosis leading to uncontrollable mimicking of others suffered by Malaysian and Indonesian patients

Erectile dysfunction: suppressed anger suffered in all patients, plus bad circulation on account of drugs for the mind that suppress anger

Familial dysfunction: see above

Dissident ayatollahs: talk back big sheik small tribe

Fatwah: you jihad infidel! …

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