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The 5 Innovation Templates of TRIZ

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The 5 Innovation Templates of TRIZ

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(Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)

1. Subtraction

This involves removing some element/component/ attribute previously deemed indispensable, eg the Apple iPod removes a range of control components and replaces them with a single thumbwheel (which doesn't even turn - removing mechanical turning mechanisms, but sensing touch). The iPod shuffle goes one step further and removes the display!

2. Multiplication

This involves making one or more copies of an existing element or attribute and changing it in some important way. Goldenberg et al offer the example of Gillette's Twin Blade Razor. The important difference between the two blades is that they are set at slightly different angles, enabling the first to raise the whisker to allow the second blade to make closer cut.

3. Division

Here we mean dividing an existing product into its component parts, so that they are no longer seen as an integrated whole. This effect was in part the catalyst of the personal computer industry. What was previously regarded as an integrated whole (the Mainframe Computer) was increasingly seen as an assembly of increasingly standardized components. This allowed small startups, like Apple, to assemble working computers out of off-the-shelf items. …

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