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MANAGEMENT MUMBO-JUMBO A Skeptics Dictionary by Adrian Furnham Published by Palgrave Macmillan ISBN-13:978-1-4039-8702-0 in ISBN-10:1-4039-8702-5 RRP £19.99

I have reviewed Adrian Furnham's work before, and even though (as he freely admits) this latest book is a collection of updates, it is still funny and insightful.

The key, perhaps, lies in his statement - "It is easy, and possibly unhealthy, to be too cynical. Cynicism eats one up. It poisons optimism, hope and motivation. But skepticism is often very healthy. Skepticism is critical doubt.....and anti-faddish". The distinction is well made.

Similarly, the plea to regard the Old' may sound conservative- "There may be many ideas that sound old-fashioned, but they contain fundamental truths... .Classic management ideas and concepts may not sound sexy and sell books, but many have stood the test of time" - but the telling phrase at the end gives a bite of validity. "Beware the magic bullet of the peddler of high promise mumbo-jumbo. It may mean nothing more than rapid, large and dramatic transfer of funds from your company into theirs."

This common-sense approach (which Furnham also tackles) is evident throughout:-

" Being bright is an advantage to a leader; the best organisations empower their staff at the lowliest customer-facing level to make decisions; peers know more about ability and effort than bosses", and so on. …

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