Academic journal article Michigan Quarterly Review

Miss Lucy, Cont'd

Academic journal article Michigan Quarterly Review

Miss Lucy, Cont'd

Article excerpt

(Miss Lucy had a steamboat . . .)

. . . the d-a-r-k dark-dark-dark-

ness falls upon us,

and old age closes in;

luckily the children

make the same mistakes-again

st the clock we're working,

with one foot in the fire,

one hand on the ladder

as it comes down to the-why

her mother hates me,

I guess I'll never know.

I've never even met her.

She insists on being so

cialism bites it,

leastways à la Marx-

just ask the homeless people

camping in the public-par

don me that cheap shot.

I'll happily retract.

My knuckles are already

very red from being-rapt

before the statue,

the aesthete thinks of art,

the engineer its tonnage,

mayor hiding naughty-par

ticularly nauseous,

replete with mental plaque,

the author's self-indulgence

took this critic quite a-back

in the Mesozoic,

there were no people yet.

Not much to say about it-

it just kind of came and-when

I am dictator,

I shall dictate the style:

goatees and Nehru jackets

all across my desert-I'll

do all the driving

if you buy half the gas-

I've got to get to Moosejaw

and I've got to get there-fast

idious was the teacher,

solemn was the priest,

furious was my father

when they saw I got three-cease

your senseless prattle,

you vile, unwholesome cur,

or I'll have your carcass keel-hauled

and then skinned to keep its-for

tune favors he who

has his back against the wall:

he has something to lean on

and a way in which to-fol

lowing this program,

we'll have an interview

with astronaut and author

millionaire mother of-too

much salt will kill you,

like red meat, butter, stress,

cigarettes, and me if you

keep shouting at the-ref

ugees run hither,

and refugees run yon,

like lucy kicked the anthill

that she had been sitting-on-

cologists are lucky:

the salary is high,

they get to square their shoulders,

look the devil in the-i

cicles are forming

underneath the eaves. …

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