Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Arab-Israeli Conflict

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Arab-Israeli Conflict

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FBIS, Foreign Broadcast Information Service Daily Report-available from the National Technical Information Service, World News Connection on the world wide web at .html. The date in the source information refers to the WNC Entry Date.

FT, The Financial Times JP, The Jerusalem Post NYT, The New York Times WP, The Washington Post WSJ, The Wall Street Journal Arab-Israeli Conflict See also, Israel, Lebanon 1996

July 16: In Cairo, Jordanian prime minister `Abd al-Karim al-Kabariti, Syrian foreign minister Faruq al-Shar` and Egyptian president Husni Mubarak met to discuss Arab-Israeli relations. Later, al-Kabariti traveled to Tel Aviv where he met with Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu to discuss the peace process. [7/17 FT]

July 17: In Damascus, Lebanese president Ilyas al-Hirawi met with Syrian president Hafiz al-Asad to discuss relations with Israel. [7/18 FBIS]

July 18: In Cairo, Israeli prime minister Netanyahu met with Egyptian president Mubarak to discuss the Arab-Israeli peace process. During the meeting, Netanyahu announced that Israel would increase from 25,000 to 35,000 the number of Palestinians allowed to travel to Israel for work. [7/19 NYT]

Israeli president Ezer Weizman commuted the sentences of five Palestinian women held by Israel. This was in accordance with the Oslo II agreements of 28 September 1995. [7/19 FBIS]

July 19: Near Karyut, in the West Bank, an altercation between Jewish settlers and Palestinians was broken up by Israeli security forces. The clash concerned a 200-acre field that Palestinians 'claimed the settlers had seized. Four people, a Palestinian and three journalists, were injured. [7/20 NYT]

July 20: In Cairo, Palestinian National Authority (PNA) president Yasir Arafat met with Egyptian president Mubarak to discuss Mubarak's recent meeting with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu. [7/22 FBIS]

July 22: In Oman, Dore Gold, advisor to Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, met with Omani minister of state for foreign affairs Yusuf bin-`Alawi bin-`Abdallah to discuss the Arab-Israeli peace process. Gold also met with unnamed Qatari officials in Doha. [7/23 FBIS]

July 23: In Gaza, Israeli foreign minister David Levy met with PNA president Arafat to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. [7/24 NYT]

In Latakia, Syria, US special envoy Dennis Ross met with Syrian foreign minister al-Shar` to discuss the Arab-Israeli peace process. [7/24 FBIS]

July 25: In Jerusalem, US envoy Ross met with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu to discuss Syria's position on continuing peace talks with Israel. [7/26 FBIS]

July 26: Near Tirosh, Israel, unknown assailants fatally shot two people and wounded another in a drive-by shooting. Israeli authorities said the assailants were Palestinians, possibly members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Israel sealed off the West Bank in response. [7/27 NYT]

July 28: In Jidda, PNA president Arafat met with Saudi Arabia's King Fahd to discuss the ArabIsraeli peace process and regional issues. [7/29 FBIS]

The third person from the drive-by shooting on 26 July died. [7/29 WP]

July 29: In San'a, PNA president Arafat met with Yemeni president `Ali `Abdallah Salih to discuss the Arab-Israeli peace process and PNA-Yemeni relations. [7/30 FBIS]

It was reported that Israeli minister of infrastructure Ariel Sharon ordered the completion of plans to build two highways in the West Bank and two bridges in the Golan Heights. [7/30 NYT]

July 30: In Washington, Egyptian president Mubarak met with US president Bill Clinton to discuss Arab-Israeli relations and Egyptian-US relations. [7/31 NYT]

Israeli authorities, aided by information supplied by the PNA, found the remains of Ilan Saadon under a road near Palmahim beach south of Tel Aviv. Saadon was an Israeli soldier kidnapped and killed by the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) on 3 May 1989. …

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