Academic journal article The Hudson Review


Academic journal article The Hudson Review


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Last night I tuned that preacher in,

the one you always had to watch.

This time he wasn't cursing sin

or preaching politics and such

but telling the story of how Isaiah,

sent by the spirit of the Lord,

announces to King Hezekiah,

who's damn-near dead, that he'll be cured;

not only that, God's going to give

the king a sign to let him know

beyond a doubt he's going to live.

And not just any sign: the shadow

cast on a nearby sundial's going

to backtrack a full ten degrees;

sure enough, it does, showing,

the preacher says (whispering like he's

revealing some great secret) how

the Lord is powerful enough

to work all kinds of wonders. Wow,

news flash, I thought, and nodded off.

Sometime that night I dreamed that we,

hand in hand, went for a stroll

and underneath a willow tree

found somebody's remote control.

We joked about what it was for. …

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