Academic journal article Western Folklore

Errata Corrigenda

Academic journal article Western Folklore

Errata Corrigenda

Article excerpt

The Editor regrets that a number of errors appeared in the printed version of Western Folklore 64:3&4 (Summer and Fall 2005). The most important appear corrected below. All corrections will appear in the electronic version of the journal, available through JSTOR.

Errata in pp. 163-87, "Beyond Communitas: Cinematic Food Events and the Negotiation of Power, Belonging and Exclusion," by LuAnne Roth.

p. 164, second paragraph, 4th line should read: "food in this sense clearly functions to create communitas and ethnic identity."

p. 177, first paragraph should read: "If Toula desires distance from her over-determined status as "ethnic" Other, Ian desires contact with that very Other. Bored with his own "non-ethnic," "normal" background, Ian unconsciously responds to his exoticizing impulses, finding himself overwhelmingly attracted not only to the exotic spices at the Greek restaurant, but to Toula herself, even before her metamorphosis."

p. 182, last line of the article should read: "Such analyses of food behavior forge promising new directions for further research into the interrelationship between food, identity, and power dynamics in ways that move beyond food traditions creating communitas, toward a theory of how food behavior and ideology also function to negotiate power, belonging, and exclusion."

p. 186, the date of the Roth entry may be updated to: 2005; and the page range should be: 181-200.

Errata in pp. 189-208, "'John Wayne's Teeth': Speech, Sound and Representation in Smoke Signals and Imagining Indians," by Joanna Hearne.

p. 191, lines 11-12 from the top, the phrase "looking relations" has been taken out of quotations marks, removed from the sentence, and placed in the subsequent sentence, with the result that neither sentence makes grammatical sense. …

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