Federal Employees News Digest, Inc. Launches Newsletter on Government Reinvention and Reform

Article excerpt

Officials at Federal Employees News Digest, Inc. have launched a new biweekly newsletter entitled FEND's Government Performance Report, which will cover and analyze news about federal government reform and reinvention. The independent newsletter gets its name from The Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (GPRA), which requires all federal agencies to define their mission; establish goals and objectives; and measure and report on their performance by September, 1997.

"The law places the burden for better government squarely on the shoulders of federal managers, and GPR is intended to help them meet these new demands," said FEND's Chief Executive Officer, Bob Brooks. He noted that hundreds of reinvention efforts have already produced significant results, some of which are detailed in the just-published book, A Report to President Clinton: The Best Kept Secrets in Government.

"Full implementation of GPRA will certainly take center stage in the years ahead," Brooks added. "GPR will rise above the partisan debate and intellectual arguments that often surround reinvention efforts to provide readers with news and analysis they can rely on. …


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