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Academic journal article Chicago Review


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From Hoza Street and Marszalkowska carts were moving, Jewish carts:

furniture, tables and chairs,

suitcases, bundles

and chests, boxes and bedding,

suits and portraits,

pots, linen and wall hangings

cherry brandy, big jars and little jars,

glasses, tea pots and silver-

books, knickknacks and everything

go from Hoza Street to Sliska.

A bottle of vodka in a coat pocket

and a chunk of sausage,

on carts and wagons and rickshaws

the gloomy band is going.

And from Sliska Street to Niska everything all over again went moving:

Furniture, tables and chairs,

suitcases and bundles,

and pots-gents that's it.

Now there is no carpet,

of silverware not a sign,

no cherry brandy this time.

No suits or boots

or jars or portraits.

Already all these trifles

were left behind on Sliska.

In the pocket a bottle of vodka

and a chunk of sausage,

on carts and rickshaws and wagons

the gloomy band is going.

They left Niska again and everything headed for the apartment blocks.

No furniture or stools,

no jugs or bundles.

Teapots have vanished,

books, boots, little jars.

Suits and silverware

dumped together in a pushcart,

all went to the devil.

There is still a suitcase, a coat,

a bottle of tea

and piece of candy.

On foot, without any wagon

goes the gloomy procession.

Then, from the apartment blocks to Ostrowska, moving along a Jewish road

with no big bundles or little bundles,

no furniture or chairs,

no teapots and no carpet,

no silverware or jars,

in the hand one suitcase,

a warm scarf and that's it.

Still a bottle of water

and a knapsack with straps.

Trampling objects underfoot like a herd

they walked down the streets at night.

And on a cloudy day, at dusk, they walked from Ostrowska to the Blockhouses.

A small suitcase and a knapsack,

no need for anything else,

evenly.. .evenly by fives

they marched down the streets. …

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