ENDURING THE FREEDOM: A Rogue Historian in Afghanistan

Article excerpt

ENDURING THE FREEDOM: A Rogue Historian in Afghanistan, Sean M. Maloney, Potomac Books, Washington, DC, 2005, 336 pages, $27.50.

There have been several books published recently about the current events in Afghanistan. Most are by journalists, who often do a good job with surface reporting but lack the background to do in-depth analysis. Many journalists, for example, have never spent a day in uniform, so they do not really understand the military; nor do they typically have post-graduate degrees in history, anthropology, archaeology, or regional studies, so they do not understand the region. Sean Maloney is a former Canadian Army combat arms officer who teaches in the Canadian Royal Military College War Studies Programme and is the strategic studies adviser to the Canadian Defence Academy.

In Afghanistan, Maloney spent time with Canadian, Dutch, German, Irish, Romanian, and other International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) members, went on operations with the 82d Airborne Division, and met with prominent and ordinary Afghans. He provides a military historian's perspective of Afghanistan's history from before 9/11 through his first visit in 2003. …