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Making God Laugh

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Making God Laugh

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IT has been written that there are two things that make God laugh. The first is when a healer says, "I healed them ".The second is when bickering loverssay, "Wehave nothing in common". But quite possibly there is a third spectacle which causes divine amusement, and that is when people at work wring their hands and say, "Idon'tknow what work makes me happy" at the same as they are behaving badly, refusing to make any change and blaming others for their predicament.

It is surprising how many people fall into jobs and develop their competence without recognising the choices they have made. However, it is my belief and contention that anyone can alter the course of their life when they really get behind themselves.

So if this speaks to you, and you want to do something about it, then what steps do you have to take?

2 steps to Heaven...?

Firstly, you have to be really bored with your own habits. Being bored with your own games, and being clear that they are not working for you any more, is a great lever for change.

secondly, on the positive side, you have to get equally dear on what really matters to you, what you stand for and what values you hold. Your values are like a compass for your life, and once you have chosen the values that mean most to you, then you can use them in all your decision-making. In this respect they are a foundation for your leadership, your career and your life. Your personal values should not conflict with your professional needs. Indeed, the most impressive leaders that I have spoken to in the past year have been explicit about how they use their personal values to help them with all the difficult issues they have to face. …

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