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Chronology: Afghanistan

Academic journal article The Middle East Journal

Chronology: Afghanistan

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Oct. 19: A US helicopter which was supporting a special forces raid into Afghanistan crashed in neighboring Pakistan, killing two soldiers the first combat related American deaths in the campaign in Afghanistan. The American military said it was an accident, and the helicopter was there to provide rescue assistance. The Taliban said they shot down the helicopter. A Taliban spokesman also said they repelled the land forces, which came into Afghanistan. [BBC, 10/20]

Oct. 20: The Taliban proposed a new ceasefire plan to end the US-led air strikes on Afghanistan. After returning from consultations in the Taliban stronghold of Kandahar, Taliban envoy `Abdul Salam Zaeef told reporters in the Pakistani border town of Quetta that he would discuss the plan with Pakistani officials before giving details. [BBC, 10/20]

Nov. 6: The United States appointed a special envoy to the opposition Northern Alliance in Afghanistan, amid signs that Washington was stepping up its role in the search for a post-Taliban government. The State Department said Ambassador James Dobbins would spend most of his time consulting with the Northern Alliance and concerned governments around the world. [BBC, 11/ 6]

Nov. 9: Afghan opposition forces, bolstered by US air support, captured the key city of Mazar-e Sharif. The Northern Alliance said its forces swept through several more provinces. The Alliance said it would allow the United Nations and aid agencies to resume humanitarian operations in territories they controlled. [BBC, 11/10]

Nov. 12: Three journalists -two French and one German - were killed in northern Afghanistan during a Taliban ambush on an opposition convoy. [BBC, 11/12; WP, 11/ 13]

Nov. 13: The Northern Alliance recaptured the Afghan capital of Kabul. Several countries also called on the United Nations to speed up efforts to find a political solution for Afghanistan. [BBC, 11/13; WP, 11/14; NYT, 11/14]

Nov. 14: Eight Western aid workers were freed in Afghanistan after being held by the Taliban for three months. …

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