Academic journal article Antipodes

Lucky Strike

Academic journal article Antipodes

Lucky Strike

Article excerpt

They called him Lucky Strike-and he

was happy in this work;

never went for much promotion

but wasn't one to shirk.

Lucky in his friends as well;

he liked his deep-sea fishing;

never had a boat capsize

or had a mate go missing.

And afterwards, against the bar,

he'd win his tray of meat;

he liked to stop and yarn a while

to meet you in the street.

A Grade tennis early on

but didn't like to ace.

In pubs he'd have his quip or two;

let others set the pace.

Didn't much like politics

although he'd have his say;

kept one good wife all through his life;

the kids turned out OK.

Did his bit in World War II

to stop the Japanese;

New Guinea . . . and then Borneo;

he made it seem a breeze.

In later years, it almost seemed

his doc had pulled a swiftie.

His face was always handsome

and it sort of . . . stopped at fifty.

When doctors said no more fried eggs

and sign up for the gym

he reckoned that was fine for some;

it wasn't right for him. …

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