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Annotated Principles and Methods of Design Research List

Academic journal article Visible Language

Annotated Principles and Methods of Design Research List

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1 Against Method

Feyerbend, Paul K London: Verso, 2000

In its seventh printing, Against Method continues to be a lightning rod for controversy.The author is a philosopher of science, able to examine the history of science with a critical eye as well as launch a serious argument. He argues that scientific discovery does not proceed by strict rules"...the history of science will be as complex, chaotic, full of mistakes, and entertaining as the ideas it contains, and these ideas in turn will be as complex, chaotic, full of mistakes, and entertaining as the minds of those who invented them.'

His discussion ranges across the relationships between hypothesis and observation, observation and appearance, observation and its representation, fact and experimental result, theory and fact. Social aspects of acceptance or rejection of new ideas is not ignored. Likewise the hidden influence of past ideas that unwittingly color fact or cloud judgment are also acknowledged. His extended example is the development of the Copernican point of view from Galileo to the twentieth century, (Without at least a little knowledge of astronomy and history, the example may be hard to follow.)

Feyerabend enthusiastically cites John Stuart Mill's On Liberty several times - so he can't be all bad - but he is a provocateur.

Sharon Poggenpohl

2 Analyzing Design Activity

Cross, Nigel and Christians, Henri, editors New York: John Wiley& Sons, 1997

A collection of Protocol Workshops in the area of research in Design Thinking, this book states that there is no general understanding of protocol studies as a standard procedure. As a result, the book assembles different views of protocol analysis from many leading researchers.They combine different types of methods, techniques, tools and frameworks for protocol analysis and use activity based models, linkography, decision trees, observation, neural networks, design rationales, function-behavior-structure models and others for investigation. This book illustrates that the protocols seem to be a general method that can be used with different concepts and techniques and both qualitative and quantitative data. Written in a research style and using the same case study throughout, a mountain bicycle and backpack, it compares different research approaches. The authors include a discussion of the properties and limitations of protocol analysis as a research technique for analyzing design activity and accumulating design knowledge.

Sokol Teeravarunyou

3 Basics of Qualitative Research:

Techniques and Procedures for Developing Grounded Theory

Strauss, Anselm; Corbin, Juliet. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 1998

Anselm Strauss with Barney Glaser wrote the book that defined and established Grounded Theory as one of the more used methodological strategies in qualitative research.This work represents Anselm Strauss' ideas on what Grounded Theory is and how it should be carried out. (After their initial collaboration, Strauss and Glaser each developed their own version of this theory.)

The intent of Grounded Theory is to create theory through the analysis of qualitative data.The emphasis of the book lies in giving the reader the necessary analytical tools to step through the process of making theory."...We are referring not to the quantifying of qualitative data but rather to a nonmathematical process of interpretation, carried out for the purpose of discovering concepts and relationships in raw data and then organizing these intc a theoretical explanatory scheme..."

The book is divided into three parts: the first covers what is necessary for doing this form of grounded theory.the second part deals With specific analytic techniques and procedures; and the last part contains issues that relate to what comes after completing the analysis.

Roberto Holguin

4 Case Study Research: Design and Methods

Yin, Robert K. …

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