Church and State in the Modern Age. A Documentary History

Article excerpt

Church and State in the Modern Age. A Documentary History. Edited by J. J. Maclear. (New York: Oxford University Press.1995. Pp. xviii, 510. $65.00.)

This is a rich selection of documents, with succinct commentaries, ranging from the 1682 Gallican Articles,the 1789 English Toleration Act and the 1721 religious regulations of Peter the Great to recent manifestos from Latin American Catholic bishops and items arising out of the dissolution of East-bloc Communism. Excerpts are given from the 1773 brief destroying the Society of Jesus and the 1814 bull restoring that same order worldwide.There is documentation on English America beginning in Virginia in 1606.The flawed Maryland Act of Toleration of 1649 is there, coupled with commentary that early Maryland settlers were primarily Protestant," but without noting the preponderant political, economic, and social role of the Catholic minority in the early period when religious toleration was broader than that allowed by the 1649 act. Major documents from other English American colonies are included, as are various laws stemming from France's revolution. The European postrevolutionary experience is amply represented, with items from France, Italy, the German states, Sweden, Switzerland, and Britain. Conflict of the new Italy and the Papacy is represented by documents from the time of the Roman Republic,Vatican Council I, and the victory at the Porta Pia. …


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