Academic journal article Career Planning and Adult Development Journal

Black Enterprise Guide to Building Your Career

Academic journal article Career Planning and Adult Development Journal

Black Enterprise Guide to Building Your Career

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Black Enterprise Guide to Building Your Career, by Cassandra Hayes (2002, John Wiley & Sons, New York, NY, 257 pages, Soft Cover, $16.95)

Intended Audience: A

Major Headings from Table of Contents:

Planning Your Career; Fine-Tuning Your Resume; Building a Network; Hunting for the Right Job; Preparing for an Interview; Gathering Experience; Negotiating Your Salary; Mining the Workplace; Using a Recruiter; Making a Career Switch; Succeeding at Work; Preparing for the Job of Your Dreams.

How is the book most useful for its intended audience?

This book provides a very comprehensive layout on how to find a job.

The top five things you learned from reading this book:

1. Learned the importance of seeking a mentor and how to cultivate that relationship.

2. Learned about the different approaches to networking and how to make it most effective. In addition, how to seek professional organizations within my field of interest and industry.

3. Learned that even as a mid-lifer, there is a way of taking the skills acquired and turning it into a career.

4. Learned about the importance of a well-crafted resume and ways to get it noticed by employers.

5.1 also learned about how the reputation of temping has changed and how it can be a profitable linkage into a career.

Do you want to move up? Find a new job? Attract the top recruiters? Manage your career at every phase, so that you'll get the best possible rewards for what you love to do? Introduced as "the African- American's 411 on choosing, landing, and bulletproofing your career" guide, Cassandra Hayes, current managing editor at Avon Products, Inc., and a former senior editor and staff writer specializing in careers at Black Enterprise magazine, simplifies the task and brings to life a bearable side to career planning. The Black Enterprise Guide to Building Your Career takes you step-by-step through the adventure of finding a career that you love, writing an effective and persuasive letter and resume, the importance of networking with like-minded individuals, mastering an interview, negotiating your salary, and current web sites geared for African Americans that offer career advice and employment information. There is also a special bonus to subscribe to Black Enterprise magazine.

This book is one of the Black Enterprise book series, which includes Titans of the B.E.WOs: Black CEO Who Redefined and Conquered American Business, Black Enterprise Guide to Starting Your Own Business, Against All Odds: Ten Inspiring Stories of Successful African American Entrepreneurs, and many more.

Chapter One begins by addressing some basic questions: How do people choose careers? What career assessments are available and how can they help? The chapter explores personal characteristics as they relate to career interests, values, aptitudes, and skills. The exercises involve self-assessment of these characteristics. The chapter also discusses the successes of African-American corporate executives.

Chapter Two unfolds the mystery of a well-developed resume and the importance of the forgotten cover letter. …

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