Academic journal article Chicago Review


Academic journal article Chicago Review


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I wake up hopeful

I haven't hurt anyone in my sleep

I'm back in tracksuit, tapping on the concrete

pyramid in the roundabout, held up on a stick

to a feeder lane efficiently

moved that is also a kind

of land management.

Road rings furniture stores moving little

sitting rooms along towards another southern state

claimed by chicken peddlers, spaces rushed

like bubbles in cola, secure but rentable,

or opportunity tiles and knock-down kitchens

might be knocked about or fixed. From here

grassland is intolerable. Any chaos of sand

too reductivist for formal planning

leaves mind no way to orient, makes

a brain turned to defrost

or to jump (like me in airs) from link

to consequenceless link, weep patent nokia.

This day is young; innocence will soon come

in biodegradable bottles. Out past

the potted meat, cleaners and a church

kept deductible by some foreign blacks I read

there is a garden stretching to great lakes, on top

a mountain browed with ice beetles.

There birds intend to be ladies

pearls in their tears are wireless hotspots.

So it tells us when it turns up with an energy

drink and a faceful of unfiled dreams;

light, foam, up at two then suddenly. …

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