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Academic journal article Chicago Review

Race Hazard Testbed > Privacy Statement

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What there should be now pilot. In your

terror cell the distribution of walls is

wall wall wall wall no


yonder dome or strain of pristine

agriculture but what in your little

eye the brave foreknowledge of winterval

meat speaks may your bed contain thylacines

frisk body outwards under your tracksuit

jackal tense to your damage limitation

pilot. This was an unsecured loan to the

party pilot. This ticking was meant to get

dressed again like we did last summer

punching each other's lights out for the darkling

blast it was.

//I cannot hold on to your

secret baby. //

Of Rotterdam Termination Source make a

tinkerbell pilot. Faith in your grip beyond

fashion sense while the javelin through my

torso cools and cannot be re

deployed like an outrage sparkler pilot.


belt relaying the demolition impulse

echoes through Holland Park like a band of

which I'd have screaming humped the aftermath

take my eyes I hardly use them

use my skull as your hammer and hammer the

morning rush hour bereavement pilot.

Freedom or tennis or the help cry gob in my


// The fatality text of the

cleanskin primer delimits hard

the imaginary surface of noncontrol in your

gaze the word is not cocksure and your

shape inside me is not extreme and the

factual serenity of bloodletting countervails

loss-of-blood in the instant mimicking in

telligence pilot. Curl at the nape clasp

monkey thrown needle embrace pilot. Were to

bloom like the eighties milkshake their pre

cautionary witness folded into a

scheme-of-things nand the afferent courier of

acetone peroxide huddled at the brink of

revelation pilot. What in the scheme says

attend and never relinquish your love for the

people pilot. Am I the people

pilot am I deregulated is this the

stop I get off on that crams my unleashing

form with a feralized readiness.

// Are

you the playback image of the install

ation itself played mute back way more

#00FF00 than

the image of the skin of the facility pilot?

Are you that green pilot? Are you the unreasonable

seizure pilot? Why can't I see you at

my place baby the intrepid and full-tilt

pilot? Will you turn out to have been the

twin pilot? …

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