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Reengineering America: Part IV: The U.S. Film Industry and Global Outcries

Academic journal article Competition Forum

Reengineering America: Part IV: The U.S. Film Industry and Global Outcries

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This paper attributes many of the extant United States' social problems to the film industry. These problems, pervasive to the movies and television programs are: sex, violence and brutality, drug addition, alcoholism, divorce, marriage disloyalty, pornography, smoking, and racism. The strong impact of the industry on viewers is such that these behavioral anomalies and illnesses are conceived to be an accepted culture, easily emulated by the public. This paper concludes that if the industry does not begin a total reengineering of its cultural, behavioral and unethical teaching, the US Congress must step in to clean the industry from its disastrous impact on society. This would be an effective battle against the internal terrorists.

Keywords: Smoking, drugs, sex, violence, macho mentality


[Disclaimer: This paper is not intended to offend anyone, irrespective of their race, gender, ethnicity, or national origin]

"Reengineering involves a drastic revamping of resources, structures, processes, strategies, and technologies to improve the output of a system. When applied to an entire country like the United States, this process must necessarily be consumer-based, socially responsible, and aimed at enhancing the quality of life; it is aimed at eradicating poverty and elevating society spiritually" (Kooros and Alexakis, 2001).

This paper will briefly address a source of cultural deterioration in the American Scene. "This cultural phenomenon is analogous to the family system, pervasively characterized in the television programs, exhibiting dispassionate conflicts, humiliation, suspicion, and alienation, devoid of love and mutual respect" (Kooros and Alexakis, 2001). What happened to musicals, Lassie, history, and classical? This scene has now been penetrated into the world market, where many countries have banned their citizens to watch its mortal and ethical decay. Movie industry and theaters are supposed to be great teachers in educating the public on the arts and sciences, ethical behavior, history, and geography, international relations, and others. Yet, the industry is responsible for much of the current social issues facing this and many other countries. Remember of some of the following movies.

1. Tarzan, a European boy was lost in the African jungles. Soon he learned the African and animal languages. He and a little monkey and a girl left behind are portrayed as highly intelligent individuals that even the jungle animals respected. Tarzan also did not fail to exhibit superiority over the locals, by acting as their leader, giving them instructions, and occasionally denigrated them. When we, as kids used to watch Tarzan, we began to think that white people are more intelligent than black, and even he jungle animals obeyed the white people.

2. Indians and Cowboys: Another scene is the story of the Indians and cowboys. The racist interjections throughout the Western movies suggested that the Indians and the naives were not intelligent, but the cow boys were. The audience in foreign countries had been indoctrinated that the Indians, the original Americans were not "good people", but savages and unintelligent, who had aversion to progress. Progress meant destroying the natural habitats, forests, and other environmental factors; instead, building urban sprawl with no characters, but as alienating environment. In all the conflicts, a small number of the cowboys won the fight, even though they were in minority in numbers. The young audience would always whistle and clap in enthusiasm over such scenes, encouraging the cowboys to fight and to win. (By coincidence, two years ago, a friend of a highly influential Texan Congressman, elicited $ 50 million from an Indian tribe in the Chicago area, promising that he would have the congress to pass favorable laws for them).

3. Smoking and Drinking: The third scene is pervasive to all the old movies, where by the actors and actresses would begin to smoke and drink before starting a serious conversation. …

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