Academic journal article Women's Studies Quarterly

Blonde Ghost

Academic journal article Women's Studies Quarterly

Blonde Ghost

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Scene: Club, at bar. Blonde in a torn red dress cut off above the knees.

Scene: Bar. Blonde in a torn white dress cut off above the knees

with scissors. She uses

scissors to make this dress

shorter. It was a gown


Street scene: Blonde in high-heeled 1930s shoes.

Walks for miles in high-heeled 1930s shoes

Walks where there are no sidewalks

She walks to get more torn dresses and shoes

How can she walk so far in those shoes?

It's possible she can't even feel her feet

or her feet in those shoes

Scene: Bar. Blonde with ribbons in hair,

tied in loose clumps of blonde


Scene: Wedding reception.

Blond in torn antique dress

It's her wedding

Imagined scene: Blonde lies on unmade bed in the afternoon.

Smoke hangs in the air over

late in the afternoon

Torn curtains are drawn

Keep out the afternoon

She wears those high-heeled 1930s shoes

Dust hangs in the smoke in the air

Ribbons falling out in loose hair

Mind is looser

I don't really mind

her mind. I really

don't mind

Imagined scene: Blonde turns head to look

at what?

her thought dissolves


Nods off

thought dissolves

dissolves and time passes

and dissolves

year passes

I still watch


Scene: City street, street on the outskirts of city,

or maybe on the north side. …

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