Artists at Continent's End: The Monterey Peninsula Art Colony, 1875-1907

Article excerpt

Artists at Continent's End: The Monterey Peninsula Art Colony, 1875-1907 Scott A. Shields. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2006.

Many histories of American artists' colonies have been written and there have been countless exhibitions documenting the history of those colonies, both at the remaining colonies themselves, and at regional and even national museums. However, the vast majority of those histories and exhibitions have concentrated on the colonies in upstate New York, on Cape Cod, and those of Maine and the Berkshires. Therefore, it is both refreshing and worthwhile to note and trace the history of an important group of landscape painter who worked in Monterey, California, in the last quarter of the nineteenth century.

The author's approach is to provide an overview of the area, its appeal to those interested in a certain kind of [mostly pastoral] nature, and then to move onto specifics. Each of the eight chapters highlights one or two artists who led or dominated the attention drawn to the area, with additional mention of others who participated in the either formal or more informal life of living or regularly visiting a particular locale. Each of those chapter headings provides a definition of the importance of one place or another, by combining an image or logo for that group/place, and the name or names of the key figure or figures. …


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