Academic journal article Chicago Review

From Circadium

Academic journal article Chicago Review

From Circadium

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Dictionary of Assigned Intentions (Predation of the Gas)

Our language is a market in which this little piggy's already there. There is a reflexive accuracy to every utopia, the irreducible need to speak in a circumlocutionary equation for being neither term. That's why we're so flat, installed, as we are, against the installments of reversal. The parts cohere, but not the whole. The elision of an inexistent object from the partial one. The future exudes its obligatory obsolescence in a ritual of the new. "Pop!" sings the Company for Ritualized Extrusion. First in, last out. The connective echo of all that is true doubles what isn't. Art voids the happy coincidence. The signs are taller than we are. We have ransomed them to pay for art. It's a lovely night. And the earth is flat. The remnants blossom beneath the fat.

Lightning takes its repose in tne vesicle of our sunshine

Our needs derive from the short history that begins here in one word and writes about it. A categorical face swinging into recessed view at the extent of the so-called tribe (or paraphrastic implants). This is the nature of truth prepared within the groundless debt its articulation of ground denies. A scrolled refusal to exist except as woods. Welcome to the woods. It's springtime in the bunker again. We're ready for the shelf life. Thunder out of absent sheets, in which the terms are applied. It must be true. Public art making of us a contingency. Because in our hands facts are equivalent, erotic clouds switching hands in a mind with which to exhaust them. Our inexistence rages with exemplary content.

Being the headquarters the quadrature, the head foruears

The future has died in its sleep and the piggie gone to market in increments of specular appetite. …

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