Electronic Data Interchange Agreements: A Guide and Sourcebook

Article excerpt

Electronic Data Interchange Agreements: A Guide and Sourcebook, by Amelia H. Boss and Jeffrey B. Ritter. Paris: ICC Publishing S.A., 1993. Pp. 249. $75.00 (paperback).

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of business information in standard formats. Electronic Data Interchange Agreements: A Guide and Sourcebook offers a practical guide for the preparation and use of EDI agreements by two commercial parties implementing EDI in international trade. By providing access to many model agreements and by focusing on the important legal and business issues covered by them, this book is a useful resource for facilitating international trade.

Chapter one presents an overview of the role of interchange agreements in the commercial use of EDI. This chapter defines EDI and provides examples of its use in commercial practice. EDI has introduced new types of businesses and commercial relationships; the function of interchange agreements in this new business environment is detailed in this chapter.

Chapter two surveys the evolution of interchange agreements and explains why existing model agreements often fail to provide adequate assistance for considering and responding to the different array of issues which arise in the use of international EDI.

Chapter three provides guidance to those responsible for preparing or analyzing interchange agreements. …


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