Academic journal article International Forum of Teaching and Studies

On Ruling the Colleges and Universities by Law in Cross-Cultural Communication

Academic journal article International Forum of Teaching and Studies

On Ruling the Colleges and Universities by Law in Cross-Cultural Communication

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Colleges and Universities are social institutions and organizations of higher education that are responsible for teaching activities and fostering special talents in China. Accompanying the increasingly growing of cultural exchanges, competition between domestic and foreign colleges and universities is becoming much fiercer. It is especially urgent for us to establish an internal management system suitable for China colleges and universities and develop the higher education with the limited resources available. In this context, I would give a preliminary discussion and analysis on governance and administration of colleges and universities in China with respect to cross-cultural communication.

Rule by Law

Fist of all, I believe colleges and universities should be ruled by law as the rule of law are practicing in all aspects of China's changing society since 1977. According to the United Nations, "Chinese government announced the goal of governing the country according to law and building up a socialist country with the rule of law in 1977. It is the first recognition at senior levels that the modernization of China depends on laws rather than programs or policies or plans. In March 1999, the National People's Congress (NPC) included the concept of rule of law into China's constitution."

Therefore, ruling the colleges and universities by law is a firm assurance for promoting education reform. In order to adapt the new domestic and international situation and handle the fierce competition, education reform and innovation for colleges and universities is a must. In recent years, like foreign university and college, many domestic colleges and universities took forceful measures to promote the reform and innovation and to enhance teaching and research capability, as well as modify curriculums and major constructions.

In order to achieve these goals, a series of measures has been taken, for example reformation can be seen in the change of ranking system, change of personnel system, change in student job assignment or distribution system, reducing CPC organization body and managerial personnel, and allowing independent operation at university level, college and school level as well as the department level. The university management team would lose its accountability if there is no such a mechanism of ruling the school by law in place or in other words, governing the school based on policies and procedures that are officially supported. Therefore, first, the reform of administration and givernance of domestic colleges and universities must be legally developed and supported.

Second, to rule the school by law is a necessary requirement for colleges and universities under the new globalization context. After the entrance of WTO and higher education in China has undergone various changes because of opening-door and reformations, there are new issues coming along and problems are arising within internal management. This situation requires that the domestic colleges and universities must get rid of the out-dated, closed-ended management and establish a sound legalized management mode. During the period of social transformation, many new problems appeared and the basic way to solve these problems is to rule people's behaviors by laws of the country and regulations of the school and establish an effective mechanism of incentive and competition.

Third, to rule the school by law is an embodiment of the policy of "Rule the Country by Law". "Rule the country by law, and build a socialist state under the rule of law" has been determined as the basic principle of running the country in the 16 National Congress of CPC. And ruling the school by law is a significant symbol and interior requirement of "Rule the Country by Law" in the management of colleges and universities; is an important concept of and an inevitable trend for the management of colleges and universities in the 21st century. …

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