Academic journal article Literature/Film Quarterly

Literature and Film: An Annotated Bibliography of Resources

Academic journal article Literature/Film Quarterly

Literature and Film: An Annotated Bibliography of Resources

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Literature and Film: An Annotated Bibliography of Resources

The last twenty years have witnessed a burgeoning of film studies at universities. Paralleling the growth of this academic discipline is an impressive body of film and film/literature scholarship accommodating a range of ideologies. Theoretical and critical studies abound in comparisons of literary and cinematic history, rhetoric, language, genre, and aesthetics.

To facilitate both the teaching and scholarly investigation of literature and film, I have provided a selected bibliography of resources: articles and texts dealing with theories of film adaptation, historical comparisons between literature and film, particular cinematic adaptations, film-rhetoric and theory; screenplays; study aids; film review and adaptation indices; periodicals; organizations; and video production/distribution information. I have also included a number of works on Shakespeare and film (scholarly publication in this area has increased dramatically over the past several years) and a section on critical approaches, which lists prominent studies in narratology, reciprocal influences between literature and film, the cinematic quality of the modern novel, and the aesthetic, economic, social, and historical contexts of the two media. Many of the works contain bibliographies and filmographies, which may be helpful both to the generalist and specialist.

The following index is meant as a practical resource guide for teachers and scholars of literature and film. I hope it also stimulates ideas for designing materials, courses, and methodologies that will strengthen the ties between interdisciplinary theory and practice.

Peter S. Gardner

Berklee College of Music

(1) Article-Length Introductions to Literature and Film

Anderson, Carolyn. "Film and Literature." Film and the Arts in Symbiosis: A Resource Guide. Ed. Gary R. Edgerton. New York: Greenwood, 1988. 96-134. Relationship between literature and film from the silent period to the present. Focus on styles and genres of interaction and Hollywood film adaptations of American novels. Useful bibliography and filmography.

Barrett, Gerald R., and Thomas L. Erskine, eds. From Fiction to Film (Silent Snow, Secret Snow; An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge; The Rocking-Horse Winner). 3 vols. The Dickenson Literature and Film Series. Encino, CA: Dickenson, 1972-1974. Has an introduction discussing general problems in transforming one medium of art to another, Hollywood's use of literary adaptations, and plot, character, setting, point of view, style, tone, and theme in literature and film.

Horton, Andrew. "Film and Literature." Encyclopedia of World Literature in the 20th Century. Vol. 2. Ed. Leonard S. Klein. New York: Frederick Ungar, 1982. 93-99. Brief history of film/literature criticism. Discussion of Hollywood and European film adaptations and film and literature as narrative forms.

Mast, Gerald. "Literature and Film." Interrelations of Literature. Ed. Jean-Pierre Barricelli and Joseph Gibaldi. New York: MLA, 1982. 278-306. Excellent introduction to historical comparisons between literature and film. Brief discussion of film and literary "languages" and semiotic distinctions between linguistic and cinematic systems of signification. Review of film/literature criticism.

Ross, Harris. Film as Literature, Literature as Film: An Introduction to and Bibliography of Film's Relationship to Literature. New York: Greenwood, 1987. Has an introduction discussing such topics as the camera eye, the narrator's voice, time, and space. Extensive annotated bibliography of literature and film by category, including theories of adaptation, linguistic approaches to film, the film industry, and pedagogy. For other bibliographies of literature/film studies, see Richard L. Lindell, III, "Literature/Film Bibliography," Literature/Film Quarterly 8 (1980): 269-76; Jeffrey Egan Welch, Literature and Film: An Annotated Bibliography, 1909-1977 (New York: Garland, 1981); and Ulrich Wicks, "Literature/Film: A Bibliography," Literature/Film Quarterly 6 (1978): 135-43. …

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