Academic journal article Literature/Film Quarterly

A Bibliography of English-Language History, Theory, and Criticism of Italian Cinematic Neorealism

Academic journal article Literature/Film Quarterly

A Bibliography of English-Language History, Theory, and Criticism of Italian Cinematic Neorealism

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The most comprehensive bibliography on neorealism is that complied by the Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema, Il neorealismo e la critica: materiali per una bibliografia, Quaderno informativo 57 (Pesaro, 1974). It contains listings from Italy, England, France, Poland, Germany, Japan, Brazil, the United States, and Switzerland. Each of the following two books contains a bibliography on neorealism: Roy Armes, Patterns of Realism: A Study of Italian Neo-Realist Cinema (New York: A. S. Barnes, 1971); David Overbey, ed., trans., and intra., Springtime in Italy: A Reader on Neo-Realism (Hamden, Ct.: Archon Books, 1978). Both Armes and Overbey list essays and books in French and Italian as well as in English. As my title indicates, my bibliography contains only English entries. It is up-to-date (much writing on neorealism has appeared in English since Overbey did his bibliography in 1978), and I have sought to make it as comprehensive as possible (in English) by listing books with chapters or essays on neorealism (for example, Penelope Houston, "The Italian Experience," in her The Contemporary Cinema). Armes and Overbey for the most part excluded such entries from their bibliographies.



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