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Are You Asking Enough?

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Are You Asking Enough?

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Great Leadership Questions

6 special aspects to consider

* Vision eg. Is what you are doing in line with the future you want?

* Identity e.g. What kind of person are you being in this role?

* Beliefs and Values eg. What do you hold to be true or important in your current situation?

* Capability e.g. What are you good at or what do you need to learn?

* Behaviour e.g Is what you are doing getting you the results you want?

* Environment e.g. Are you thriving in this place at this time?

How often do you end up doing the jobs that you think the people in your team should be doing? Or is it more your style to tell your people what to do and even how to do it?

If either of these sound familiar then you have a problem. As Peter Drucker said, "The leader of the past was a person who told. The leader of the future is a person who asks. " So, if you are one of those leaders who believes that you are being paid to provide answers or fix problems, then think again. The truth is that, however intelligent and experienced you are, it's your job to stop being so busy with tasks and to start helping others to perform. And one way to do this is to practise asking your people the sort of questions that get them thinking and behaving more powerfully.

So what makes a question an effective one? Let me give you a few pointers. Great leadership questions get people curious about what they are doing and why they are doing it. …

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