The Elements of Great Public Speaking: How to Be Calm, Confident and Compelling

Article excerpt

The Elements of Great Public Speaking: How to be Calm, Confident and Compelling, by J. Lyman MacInnis 2006. Berkley, CA: Ten Speed Press 148 pages, Softcover, $11.95

Intended Audience: All

Major Headings from Table of Contents:

Talk Isn't Cheap; The Right Topic; Managing Fear; What, Where, When and to Whom; Writing the Speech; Visual Aids; Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse; Delivery; Question and Answer Periods; Dealing with the Media; Impromptu Speaking; Introducing and Thanking a Speaker; Acting as a Master of Ceremonies; Presenting and Accepting an Award Delivering a Eulogy; Proposing a Toast; Chairing a Meeting; Becoming a More Interesting Speaker; Don't Wreck Your Career at the Lectern

How is the book most useful for its intended audience?

In our everyday lives we communicate in some way, whether it is a presentation at work, delivering a eulogy for a loved one, proposing a toast at a wedding, or just talking to people in general. This book provides excellent insights into effective ways to communicate, particularly in the world of speeches and presentations.

The top five things you learned from reading this book:

Speaking in public is one of most people's biggest fears. You can apply the "theory" of public speaking to almost any aspect of your life where you need to communicate with others. Public speaking can be easy and fun once you know the elements and etiquette. Pay attention to audience expectations when preparing a presentation. Practice makes perfect (or near enough) and builds confidence.

Speaking is one of the most commonly used forms of communications, even with the highly used computer communications that exist today. Even in the days of "Ogg the caveman," who grunted his intentions to members of the tribe, knowing how to communicate was important.

In J. Lyman MacInnis's book, The Elements of Great Public Speaking: How to be Calm, Confident, and Compelling, he equips the reader with excellent content that would appeal to everyone from a person preparing for his first speaking engagement to a well-seasoned speaker. You will find everything you need in the chapters of this book to carefully plan a speech in detail and then deliver it with confidence and ease. …


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