Academic journal article Career Planning and Adult Development Journal

Working for Yourself

Academic journal article Career Planning and Adult Development Journal

Working for Yourself

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Working for Yourself, by Stephen Fishman 2006. Berkeley, CA: NOLO Press 181 pages, Softcover, $39.99

Intended Audience: B, C, E

Major Headings from Table of Contents:

Working for Yourself: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly; Choosing the Legal Form for your Business; Choosing and Protecting your Business Name; Home Alone or Outside Office; Obtaining Licenses, Permits, and Identification Numbers; Insuring your Business and Yourself; Pricing Your Services and Getting Paid; Taxes and the Self-Employed; Reducing Your Income Taxes; The Bane of Self-Employment Taxes; Paying Estimated Taxes; Rules for Salespeople, Drivers, and Clothing Producers; Taxes for Workers you Hire; Record Keeping and Accounting Made Easy; Safeguarding Your Self-Employed Status; Retirement Options for the Self-Employed; Copyrights, Patents, and Trade Secrets; Using Written Client Agreements; Drafting Your Own Client Agreement; Reviewing a Client's Agreement; Help Beyond this Book.

How is the book most useful for its intended audience?

The book is excellent for its intended audience of entrepreneurs and others just beginning to explore the world of self-employment.

The top five things you learned from reading this book:

Working for Myself and the Good, Bad and the Ugly. Choosing a Name or Using my Own. Trademarks and Trade Names. Pricing my Service and Getting Paid. Record Keeping and Accounting Made Easy.

This text provides a reasonably even and well-balanced coverage of the "essentials" of being self employed (everything you need to know and some) while retaining a user-friendly format. This book is designed for entrepreneurs that provide personal services such as writers, consultants, artists, photographers, career practitioners, and others, and is an informative guide to law and taxes.

The text gives clear views on the Good, The Bad and The Ugly - independence, higher earnings, and tax benefits versus lack of job security, the cost of paying for your own benefits, no unemployment insurance or workers compensation, and the "ugly" double Social Security tax. …

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