Firestarters: 100 Job Profiles to Inspire Young Women

Article excerpt

Firestarters: 100 Job Profiles to Inspire Young Women by Kelly Beatty and Dale Selvaggio Bradshaw 2006. Indianapolis, IN: JIST Works 246 pages, Softcover, $14.95

Intended Audience: A, E, F

Major Headings from Table of Contents:

Job Profiles; Epilogue.

How is the book most useful for its intended audience?

Provides information on a variety of jobs and career opportunities available to young women.

The top things you learned from reading this book:

The amazing number of opportunities for women. A college degree is helpful in identifying and opening doors to opportunities. Emphasis is placed on learning about careers by presenting a sample of 100 real-life women in a variety of careers.

Firestarters is a compilation of 100 job profiles of women in every conceivable career, from organic blueberry farming to veterinary medicine. It is an easy-to-read book presenting overviews of real women in all types of careers, giving young women a place to start researching career options. It is not a compendium of all jobs everywhere; rather it is a sampling meant to pique interest and spark exploration.

Beatty and Bradshaw developed a set of questions for each woman profiled that provides a quick overview of the career; an average day on the job; and the education, skills, or experience necessary. They interviewed 100 women to provide information about their careers and the steps they followed along their career path. Then Beatty and Bradshaw included their own interviews at the end of the book for a total of 102 job profiles. …


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