Political Places of Boston: From the Backrooms to the Golden Dome

Article excerpt

Clint Richmond, Political Places of Boston: From the Backrooms to the Golden Dome, Muddy River Press, Brookline, MA, 2004.

There are many guides for getting around Boston: sightseeing, historical, sports, college hang-outs, etc. Clint Richmond has written an original type of guide. He focuses on the places in Boston that are of significant political importance. Characters such as Anne Hutchinson, James Michael Curley, Martin Luther King, Jr., the Kennedys, and Tip O'Neill are all mentioned in this guide, which shows the reader where the important political sites are.

The various sites in the book are arranged alphabetically, which obviously makes it easy to use. Before detailing each site, Richmond includes important information in the introductory chapters. Descriptions of early Boston, Boston at different years (1797, 1928, contemporary times) give rounded particulars about the city. He even makes mention of the typical Boston tour, the Freedom Trail. The rest of the book seems to supplement the Freedom Trail, covering sites and histories from before the Revolution to today.

Each description includes an address, details about the structure of the site, and a brief yet concise history of each political event that took place there (arranged chronologically). …


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