Academic journal article Journal of Real Estate Literature

Real Jobs: Assisting Students and Industry with a Resume and Job Posting Service

Academic journal article Journal of Real Estate Literature

Real Jobs: Assisting Students and Industry with a Resume and Job Posting Service

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Real Jobs is a World Wide Web site designed to serve the students and alumni who are affiliated with university real estate programs or who have a career interests in real estate, as well as potential employers. Unlike most resume and job posting systems, Real Jobs allows geographical, experience, education, or other criteria to be used in the search process. Its URL is


The two primary problems with using the World Wide Web (the web) part of the Internet for anything to do with real estate or job hunting are the large volume of web sites that serve the marketing needs of the real estate industry and the inefficiency of searching for jobs among the many employment-based web sites. A third problem is that some web sites started with a good idea but quickly attracted more data than could easily be reviewed by the intended market. To address these problems, a new web site called Real Jobs, discussed in this article was designed. Real Jobs is a database management system that allows posting of resumes or jobs as well as searching of these databases. Released in late July 1996, Real Jobs may prove a valuable tool for both real estate students and industry professionals within the commercial real estate area.

Real Jobs was initially developed to support university student placement from the major real estate programs across the United States. However, it quickly became apparent that Real Jobs could also provide an efficient service for alumni, professionals, and trade associations. Real Jobs was designed by Dr. Norm Miller at the University of Cincinnati with assistance from Enviromedia. The domain is supported by ACCESS POINT INTERACTIVE based in Cincinnati, Ohio. The URL is

Motivation for a separate commercial real estate resume and job data bank

With most web searches today, users are quickly overwhelmed with the number of web sites that match their keyword description of whatever they seek. Type in "real estate jobs," and 4 or 5 million web sites match the keywords. Most search engines or browsers-such as Excite, Yahoo, Lycos, Magellan, and so on-provide matches for all the key words in the search box based on simple criteria, such as how many times any of the key words show up in the host description of the site. This system has created a game among web home page developers and marketers where keywords are repeated several times in order to get a higher ranking in the multi-million list of keyword matching sites. Alta Vista and other search systems allow for improved logic searches where several key words must be contained in a web site and where all matching sites are prioritized. Using this approach advanced surfers greatly reduce the number of matching sites. Using more advanced search system key words for anything related to real estate is also difficult simply because of the large number of web sites that now promote the marketing of real estate. Any search that includes the words real estate will result in more web sites than can be reviewed in a lifetime.

Among the employment-based web servers, few allow for categorical search within the real estate industry, especially the commercial sector. Most categories are general, such as management, sales, or programmers. Employment-based web servers that do have a real estate category most often lead the surfer to residential firms seeking new commissionbased sales agents. Those that list real estate jobs or resumes do not allow the surfer to sort by geographic area, salary, or other criteria and generally provide alphabetical listings of names of firms that require more time to scan than most professionals have available.

The problems of the web-based employment-oriented systems along with the high expense of distributing resume information created a need for a program like Real Jobs. Most university real estate programs that matriculate several undergraduate- or master'slevel graduates each year distribute resume books to potential employers. …

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