The Gods Remain: Old European Religion as Found in Greece, the Germanic Countries, and Elsewhere

Article excerpt

The Gods Remain: Old European Religion as Found in Greece, The Germanic Countries, and Elsewhere. Thomas Sefton Kolons Press, Brooklyn, NY 2001

This book has been little publicized, and only came to the present reviewer's notice very recently. However, late though this brief review may be, it is a book well worth reading.

When most people think of religion they tend to think of gods or of a single monolithic God, and of good and evil. But author Sefton here demonstrates a most significant fact: religion in pre-Christian Europe did not think in terms of good and evil, or even regard divine figures in the same light that we think of them today. Indeed, religiosity as found in the Greco-Nordic world (the world of ancient Greece and the early Germanic and Baltic peoples, the only areas that preserve any strong evidence of pre-Christian religious thought in Europe) was not concerned with good and evil, or even with attempts to comply with the supposed wishes of godly figures: it essentially sought to understand reality. …


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