Academic journal article Journal of Singing

LES SÉRÉNADES. Dix Poésies De Catulle Mendès

Academic journal article Journal of Singing

LES SÉRÉNADES. Dix Poésies De Catulle Mendès

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LEROUX, XAVIER (1863-1919). LES SÉRÉNADES. Dix Poésies de Catulle Mendès. For high voice and piano. Recital Publications, 1998. Reprinted from 1903 edition of Heugel et Cie., Paris. Traditional keys; B[musical flat]^sub 3^-B5; Tess: M; regular meters; varied tempos; V/M-D, P/M-D; 50 pages. High voice (tenor or soprano).

"PrÉlude." Spoken.

1. "Dans la Forêt." E minor; C^sub 4^-G^sub 5^; 4/4, Quasi lento.

2. "Elle marche d'un pas distrait." E major; C^sub 4^-F#^sub 5^; 2/2, Allegro moderato.

3. "Naguère." E[musical flat] major-minor; E[musical flat]^sub 4^-F^sub 5^; 4/4, Allegretto moderato.

4. "Quand vient l'automne." B major/D major; C#^sub 4^-F#^sub 5^; 2/4, Allegretto.

5. "Laisse-les dire." G major; D^sub 4^-B^sub 5^; 2/4, Allegretto.

6. "Le matin riait." B[musical flat] major; E^sub 4^-G^sub 5^; 4/4, Allegretto moderato giocoso.

7. "Ton coeur est d'or pur." E[musical flat] minor; C#^sub 4^-F#^sub 5^; 4/4, Andante espressivo.

8. "Tes yeux médiants." G# minor-A[musical flat] major-ends B[musical flat]7 chord; C^sub 4^-A[musical flat]^sub 5^; 2/2, Allegro moderato appassionato.

9. "Le ciel est très bas." E[musical flat] minor; B[musical flat]^sub 3^-E[musical flat]^sub 5^; 5/2, 3/2, Moderato.

10. "Lune froide." F# major; C#^sub 4^-G#^sub 5^; 4/4, Moderato quasi lento.

"Finale." Spoken.

Although these songs appear not to be well known currently, early in the twentieth century songs by Leroux apparently were sung frequently on concerts by singers such as John McCormack and Alma Gluck. There are several early recordings of songs and arias that include Leroux's songs. …

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