Academic journal article Pre- and Peri-natal Psychology Journal


Academic journal article Pre- and Peri-natal Psychology Journal


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Prenatal music, that is, music specifically designed lor pregnant mothers and their unborn children has suddenly burst upon the scene. In England, Clifford Olds has made a cassette of classical music with womb words; in the USA, Leon Thurman and Anna Peter Langness have produced "Heartsongs" using voices and singing; and in Canada, Sandra Collier-Verny and Thomas Verny released on Valentine's Day their selections of classical music called "Love Chords." For more details please read in this issue the "Review of Books and Records."

Hand in hand with this explosion of music on the pre-natal scene has been a growing interest in providing the pregnant mother with a cassette player that can be attached to her body and deliver music through headphones directly to her unborn child. I am aware of at least three individuals in the U.S. who have applied to take out a patent on such devices. Personally, I am very concerned about this development. I worry that:

1. the mother, not being able to hear the tape, will play it again and again and thus over-stimulate the baby,

2. the tape will stop when it comes to the end but the machine will not turn off producing unpleasant hissing noises,

3. along the same lines, that the cassette player malfunctions and the baby hears nothing but irritating noises,

4. …

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