Academic journal article Pre- and Peri-natal Psychology Journal

Teaching the Unborn: Precept and Practice

Academic journal article Pre- and Peri-natal Psychology Journal

Teaching the Unborn: Precept and Practice

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ABSTRACT: Various prenatal stimulation approaches over recent years have resulted in thousands of children with exceptional abilities that do not prove problematic-unlike enhancement lacking an in utero component. Nonetheless, at the inception of every major historical shift transitional measures are idiosyncratic, unsystematically deriving impetus from early success while not yet identifying a common theme in order to promote consistent achievement. This challenge is met through synthesis leading toward comprehensive application.

Like a struck tuning fork creates specific visual patterns in certain media (quite different from its audible effect), so heartbeat affects neurogenesis with such seminal information-the binary organizer of higher being-that a vertebrate's entire cognitive and behavioral life is epigenetically structured from this most elementary yet wholly overwhelming event. Relative to initial production, what few brain cells reach postnatality owe their survival to an in utero growth factor exclusively dependent upon cardiac rhythm-gravidic as well as indigenous-beginning preconsciously.

By providing a sonoral curriculum of simple but increasingly complex departures from the heartbeat progenitor, over durations sufficient to imprint, neuronal development should be significantly benefitted through greater cell count and/or function, hence improving ontogenetic potential- including empathetic elements. Criteria for such critical process are'presented, along with projected implementation: technical means, clinical modality, and evaluative methodology.


What is the key to that code which will imprint best, thereby maximizing brain cell number and performance past the normative point just before an infant's birth when massive neuronal depletion occurs? It should come as no unwarranted surprise or unreasonable assumption that the answer must be rhythmic, intermittent, and vibratory, since our cardiac constant is a prime clue.

The heart is vertebrate life's one invariably vital factor; no other organ or combination of physiological activity remotely approaches candidacy for an everpresent source of prenatal neurological stimulation-preconscious and conscious. Verny aptly draws attention to the psychodynamics cardiac pulsation establishes in the unborn:

Without question, it is an essential part of his life-support system. The child does not know that, of course; he only knows that the reassuring rhythm of its beat is one of the major constellations in his universe. He falls asleep to it, wakes to it, moves to it, rests to it. Because the human mind, even the mind in utero, is a symbol-making entity, the fetus gradually attaches a metaphorical meaning to it. Its steady thump-thump comes to symbolize tranquillity, security, and love to him. In its presence, he usually flourishes.1

Is it but happenstance that the neural tube-our future mind-forms2 coincidentally with cardiac activity's inception? Though later required to provide capillary blood supply to the central nervous system, this tiniest pump serves an earlier if not equally important purpose: what its variable pulses introduce is an omnipresent sense of cyclicalitytemporal and, in preparation for visual data, spatial repetition. Those patterning principles embedded in original being are authors of all subsequent coordinates; every cosmic ingredient becomes calculated by this primary value system, whether speech, song, fluctuations of nature, physical location, even the orders and disorders-deliberate or otherwise-to our minds.

Of course, at this most discriminating because utterly simplified stage, neurogenetic taste must run to those stimuli only slightly removed from what has been continuously present. For if "the migrating nerve cell is dependent on its environment and upon clues from neighboring cells in order to reach its proper ultimate destination,"3 of what influence is that constantly repeated message which both constitutes tremors to the totality of environment and unmistakably teaches, instructing sensate neurons in some crude but distinct, native curriculum . …

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