Academic journal article Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship

Notes from the Editors

Academic journal article Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship

Notes from the Editors

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This issue of JBE features a variety of articles-each of which addresses a prominent topic in small business and entrepreneurship. The contributions in this volume focus on problems and issues in the management, finance, accounting, and marketing areas and propose well-considered responses to these problems and issues. Despite the disparity in topical coverage, all the manuscripts are related in that they apply careful reasoning to significant current themes.

In the lead article, Cox, Blum, and Villa address the employment of grievance procedures in promoting fairness in small businesses. They prescribe a plan of action that can be useful to managers in achieving equity among personnel. Their analysis brings both deductive and inductive reasoning to bear on the central issue.

Mayo, Becherer, and Helms have conducted a comparison of managers, entrepreneurs, and women with entrepreneurial aspirations. Their findings raise some important questions that previous inquiries into this field have not addressed. Further, the recommendations that they proffer deserve careful thought.

Ensley, Carland, and Carland continue an extensive exploration into the nature and functioning of entrepreneurship when they analyze founder status in entrepreneurship. These authors have investigated related topics in previous research and bring their considerable knowledge of the area to bear in this article.

Finkle and French offer some insightful perspectives from the finance discipline. They appraise the performance of initial public offerings in the biotech industry. Their findings, which focus on biotech, can easily be generalized to related industries.

Harvey, Cosier, and Novicevic probe a specialized and yet prominent area of interest-the family business. …

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