Academic journal article Journal of Singing

Three Spirituals

Academic journal article Journal of Singing

Three Spirituals

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BULLOCH, EDMUND BARTON (b.1956). THREE SPIRITUALS tor Bass-Baritone, 'Cello and Piano (Biblical and Harriet Beecher Stowe). ASCAP, 2003 (CVR). Traditional keys; E^sub 2^-E^sub 4^; Tess: mL-M; regular meters, slow tempos; V/M, P/mE-M; 13 pages. Bass baritone.

ABBREVIATION KEY: Diff = difficulty level; V = voice; P = piano; E = easy; mE = moderately easy; M = medium; mD = moderately difficult; D = difficult; DD = very difficult; Tess = tessitura; LL = very low; L = low; mL = moderately low; M = medium; mH = moderately high; H = high; HH = very high; CR = covers range; CS = covers staff; X = no clear key center.

1. "Psalm XXIII." E major; E^sub 2^-E^sub 4^; Tess: M; 4/4, Lento maestoso e cantabile; V/M, P/mE-M; 5 pages.

2. "Address of Ruth to Naomi" (Book of Ruth). B major; F#2-E[musical flat]^sub 4^; Tess: mL; 6/8, Andante tranquillo; V/M, P/M; 5 pages.

3. "from Uncle Tom's Cabin" (Harriet Beecher Stowe). Modulatory; F^sub 2^-E[musical flat]^sub 4^; Tess: mL (except for humming that covers the range); 12/8, Lento maestoso; V/M, P/M; 3 pages.

Composed for and dedicated to the Reverend Victoria Sirota and her husband Dr. …

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