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You are There was a television series in the United States (1953-1957) in which Walter Cronkite hosted reenactments of historical events. Episodes left viewers feeling they had actually been at events such as the Boston Tea Party, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the signing of the Magna Carta, or the fall of Troy. This issue contains several articles written from a similar perspective; we are there at the annual conference, the Twentieth-Century Hymn Explosion, and making history with global congregational song.

As historical events go, the annual conference is a fairly recent event. The Conference Report is a compilation of text by the Editorial Advisory Board, photos by members, and line drawings by Jenny Pate, designed so that the you, the reader, feel as if you had been there!

Alan Luff takes us to the beginnings of a pivotal period in hymnody . . . the Hymn Explosion. Luff was there! His article, "The Twentieth-Century Hymn Explosion: Where the Fuse Was Lit," was a lecture presented at the 2006 meeting of the Hymn Society of Great Britain and Ireland in Dorking. He reminisces about hymnic developments in Great Britain (ca. 1960-1980) involving the group working in Dunblane, the Jubilate Group, and denominational editors. Although this period is normally referred to as the Hymn Explosion, Luff suggests that if we retain the "explosion" image, the period was more like a "whole series of independent fireworks parties sending up rockets. …


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