The Art of Worship: A Musician's Guide to Leading Modern Worship

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BOOKS The Art of Worship: A Musician's Guide to Leading Modern Worship Greg Scheer. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books Publishing, 2006. 224 pp. ISBN-13: 978-0-8010-6709-9. U.S. $15.99.

There have been a host of books written dealing with Christian Contemporary worship, but this is the first I've seen that approaches the subject from an informed perspective of biblical and historical worship. Greg Scheer, who currentiy serves as Minister of Worship at Church of the Servant and music associate at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has written a book that is not only practical in application, but informative and, oddly enough, rooted in tradition and art. Written in the first person, the book begins with a fresh perspective of Praise and Worship. In his introduction, Mr. Scheer states:

Two worlds collide in today's worship: the world of the classically trained organist, choir director, or music minister, and the world of the play-by-ear, chord-chart-reading pop musician. Although these worlds have much in common, they rarely meet and they have no common language. It is my contention that each of these musical worlds has strengths and weaknesses and much to learn from each other.

Mr. Scheer, however, does not engage in argument as to the better of musical and worship styles. Rather, he gives the reader an informed perspective on contemporary worship practice and its relevance in the church.

After laying the groundwork of philosophy, Scheer takes the reader on a practical, step-by-step approach to an effective ministry of contemporary Christian music, consistendy stressing the importance of quality and integrity in every aspect of music and worship. Beginning with a very important chapter on properly preparing a church for contemporary worship, he addresses the practical aspect of building a contemporary worship ministry. Such aspects as putting together a worship team, building repertoire and planning the service are dealt with in a simple and straight forward manner. …


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