Academic journal article African Research & Documentation

A Preliminary Terrorism Reading List for Sub-Saharan Africa

Academic journal article African Research & Documentation

A Preliminary Terrorism Reading List for Sub-Saharan Africa

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Terrorism in Sub-Saharan Africa is not a new phenomenon. In apartheid South Africa, the minority government and the African National Congress regularly accused one another of committing terrorist attacks. Some other dramatic incidents included the 31 December 1980 bombing by Palestinian terrorists of the Jewish-owned Norfolk hotel in Nairobi that resulted in 16 deaths and 67 injuries. On 2 March 1973, three members of the Black September organization executed two American diplomats assigned to the U. S. Embassy in Khartoum and a Belgian diplomat. On 27 June 1974, four terrorists from the BaaderMeinhof gang and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijacked an Air France plane en route from Tel Aviv to Paris via Athens. The terrorists ordered the plane to Kampala; on 4 July 1974, Israel launched a secret mission called Operation Thunderbolt that freed more than 100 Israeli citizens. On 7 August 1998, Al-Qaida operatives bombed the American embassies in Kenya (212 killed and some 5,000 injured) and Dar-es-Salaam (10 killed and 85 injured). On 28 November 2002, terrorists who belonged to The Army of Palestine unsuccessfully fired a surface-to-air missile at an Israeli charter flight that had just taken off from Mombasa. The same group bombed Mombasa's Paradise hotel, killing 15 and injuring some 80 others.

Prior to the attacks on New York and Washington, the scope and amount of terrorism literature pertaining to Sub-Saharan Africa was relatively modest. In the years following theses incidents, there has been an increase in the number books and articles about terrorism in Sub-Saharan Africa. Useful items regularly appear in scholarly books and journals and an array of security-related periodicals. The following bibliography is designed to provide a selected sampling of some of the more pertinent literature.

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