Academic journal article The Journal of Negro Education

Recent Developments, Current Status, and Enduring Legacy of the Journal of Negro Education

Academic journal article The Journal of Negro Education

Recent Developments, Current Status, and Enduring Legacy of the Journal of Negro Education

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The primary purpose of this article is to (a) discuss recent activities of and changes in The Journal of Negro Education (JNE) during my tenure as Editor-in-Chief (July 1, 2004 to the present), (b) highlight the current status and legacy of The Journal and its importance as an archive for research and education, and (c) discuss current issues, personal reflections, and recommendations as related to The Journal.


Initial Challenges (2004)

When I assumed the Editorship of The Journal of Negro Education on July 1, 2004, it was running behind publication schedule, because (a) its Associate Editor, Heather Austin, had resigned early during the year to take another position and (b) the Circulation/Marketing Manager, Mahmoud Gudarzi, had retired due to health considerations. Gudarzi, who served The Journal admirably for approximately 18 years (1986-2004), unfortunately passed away shortly afterwards in the winter of 2005 (Jones-Wilson, 2005). Because of the departures of two valued full-time employees, the remaining JNE staff members were challenged with additional responsibilities of managing The Journal while trying to catch up in getting JNE issues published in a timely fashion. During the period of the two full-time vacancies, Research Assistant/Office Manager Marjorie B. Wiltshire did an excellent job and is commended for assisting with the necessary work of JNE, that is, by going beyond her job description to help me sustain The Journal and move it forward. I must qualify that the previous JNE staff and Editor-in-Chief, Re Saravanabhavan, had admirably brought The Journal publications current; however, the published issues of The Journal had gotten behind in schedule by a couple of months, because of the shortage of the two full-time staff.

In July 2004, the spring issue, a special issue on "The Legacy of Ralph J. Bundle and Education: Celebrating the Centenary Year of His Birth," was in the final stages of typeset or text assembly and about ready to go to the printer. Guest edited by Beverly Lindsay, the Bunche issue was published in late summer 2004 as celebration of the 100th anniversary of Bundle's birth and as a tribute to his life, contributions, educational philosophy, and political philosophy (Lindsay, 2004). A former Professor and administrator at Howard University (HU), Ralph J. Bunche later became an acclaimed international diplomat of the United Nations and the first Black recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (Lyman, 2004).

Upon publication of the Bunche special issue, The Journal was challenged with copyediting the manuscripts for publication of another special issue, "Brown v. Board of Education at 50," the summer 2004 issue, guest edited by Frank Brown. The Brown issue was published in November 2004, two months late, and became the first JNE issue with color artwork on the front cover (Brown, 2004). Since the publication of the summer 2004 issue, The Journal has used color artwork (including color photography) on the front cover of all published issues.

When I assumed the Editor-in-Chief, my immediate focus was to carry on the primary and immediate activities of The Journal. Two of these activities included getting quality JNE issues published and distributed and planning for the annual Charles H. Thompson Lecture-Colloquium that was scheduled for the first week of November 2004. As manager of The Journal as a University unit, other activities and objectives of the fall of 2004 included (a) updating computer and other technological equipment, (b) seeking to hire quality staff that would include an Associate Editor, Circulation/Marketing Manager, and part-time editorial assistant, and (c) planning for the Editorial Board meeting in November. Additional projects that were planned and initiated in 2004 took a year or more to accomplish. Two of these major projects included me development of a complete bibliography ofThe Journal of Negro Education and compilation of an electronic archive of all JNE articles ever published since 1932. …

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