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Academic journal article Chicago Review

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TO *


The shortness of your breath was nothing new

We let it pass and

We lit up


On every steele's tip a thicken

That's what you wanted and when sick

Did not object when your big hands were stroked


Back into the dish you spat the soup.

I fed you. You liked

The talkative poets out of North America


After writing several elegies

To fall quietly asleep like Baratynski

You asked for M and speechless

With your fingers made the sign


Once through an industrial landscape

We traveled. Another time we came

Close to Arcadia on a country road


Everyone has a care for Tomorrow.

What's wrong about that? you ask.

Unimaginably lots! You're not alive

You're always getting ready to live

All is postponed

Seneca says


Now you've gone, like many before,

Many after you. Yet still you have not

Disappeared. Your voice in the archive,

Your austere face can be recalled

Still statements come

Out of the shoebox in your old room


The picture of Attila Jozsef before

He threw himself in front of the freight train. Plans

For remodelling the house. …

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