Academic journal article Chicago Review

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Academic journal article Chicago Review

Language 1-8

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My question. Howw close I am to a question.

Clouds are my next hat

in the moving sky. Talk on earth.

How fast and beautifully I am dying. Iwas afraid

in order to please you today. No sooner do I button my shirt.

What did I say?


Do you believe me the word flower?



The pencil as my easiest. I'm not saying anything.

A cherry tree in bloom. Pedestrian thought

sweeps me off. Yet I was in bloom

a world slid color into my body. It's easy

when houses take wing. Where are my fingers?

Fingers. What cock-and-bull I must permit myself.

Which star is on top? Let me ring again

as long as we're here.


I don't believe myself. I have a white nose.

Under my white nose, very crossly, lives my mouth. And

I've forgotten everything. When will this storm be over?

Where is there something with the word something? Never mind

feel I live in human skin.

The brain changes the knee and anything goes. I can balance under myself

anybody can.


I am waiting with a long face for the first light. If I'm not careful

I'll jump from a tower. Down river. Down river.

Can you tell my hands from my hands? What must be my name?

Who must I be under may sweater which is now blue?

I must pay attention. We are quiet in our eyes

and I don't say your merry name. Too late to ask for help.


The flowers are yellow flowers. The horses, out of reach,

have four legs, someone sits on top. A horse is a long face.

A gallop in the still flower. I live backwards

I fall into death which I can't see. I call out

face to the world.


Tree: a run, a step, singly. I want to breathe.

This doesn't work. …

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