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Academic journal article The Agricultural Education Magazine

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As I began working on this piece of the magazine, it struck me once again, how something this simple seems to be so challenging. When I decided to start the Inclusion Comer, I thought it would be a snap. Like most of us, I tend to think I could fix all the problems of our profession, if I just had a platform. So now I have a platform. AND I have realized that fixing things, I mean REALLY fixing things takes time and committment.

You are agricultural educators because you made a choice. I think most of you made that choice because you believe in kids. It is not uncommon to hear an agricultural educators say things like, "Wow, this kid is great, I can't believe the potential..." or " I am so lucky, I have the best students in the world." These comments are made about all students, all genders, all races and ethnicities-the short ones, the tall ones, the slow ones and the fast ones-teachers believe in all their students. This column offers yet one more way for you to connect and lift your students to a higher level of being. A level that allows them to appreciate each other and embrace all that is brought to the table.

Recently I was browsing Teaching Tolerance ( again. I want to share one of their activities and urge you to visit the site yourselves.

Writing for Change

"Language is a paradoxical tool - we use it consciously to shape our thoughts and experiences, yet patterns and structures in the language itself can shape us in return."

This web site offers a variety of lessons and activities. The material is free and there are some wonderful documentaries and ideas. Writing for Change addresses the issue of bullying. The site offers 10 minute activities, 50 minute activities, and more. It allows you to expose the bias in language, that we often use without thinking.

What follows is an example of one of the 10 minute activities. …

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