Academic journal article Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly

An Editorial Comment

Academic journal article Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly

An Editorial Comment

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The quality of a peer-reviewed journal depends on the publication of rigorous and rich scholarly work, both original research and commentary. Publication follows submission of work that is itself of high quality and import, of course, but it is also a direct result of the outstanding scholars who provide the detailed reviews that help the editor and associate editors evaluate submitted manuscripts, and that help authors determine how to improve the submitted work as well as future efforts. We are extremely fortunate to rely on the seventy-two members of the Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly Editorial Advisory Board identified on the inside front page of each issue and on the service of other reviewers from throughout the world. During 2007, Quarterly was fortunate to have as associate editors Julie Andsager of the University of Iowa, T.K. Chang of the University of Minnesota, Louisa Ha of Bowling Green State University, Jeffery A. Smith of the University of WisconsinMilwaukee, and the late Michael Salwen of the University of Miami. The editor of the book review section, Patricia A. Curtin of Oregon, has completed her term and is succeeded by Edward "Ted" Pease of Utah State University.

Not counting the editor and the outstanding associate editors, a total of 154 nationally and internationally known scholars participated in the manuscript reviewing process for Quarterly in 2007. The listing that follows is offered to identify our colleagues who have provided reviews during the past year and to afford a chance to express our gratitude. Thank you for your service.

Sean Aday

Laurence Alexander

Mark Alleyne

Osabuohien Amienyi

Soontae An

Cory Armstrong

Laura Arpan

Kevin Barnhurst

Maurine Beasley

Chris Beaudoin

Jon Bekken

Joseph Bernt

Kim Bissell

Jonas Bjork

Reneé Botta

Oliver Boyd-Barrett

Cheryl Bracken

Dominique Brossard

Erik Buey

Rick Busselle

Kara Chan

Fiona Chew

Iris Chyi

Dane Claussen

Renita Coleman

Cynthia-Lou Coleman

Julia Corbett

John Coward

Stephanie Craft

Frank Dardis

Prabu David

Claes de Vreese

Travis Dixon

Paul Driscoll

Frank Durham

John Eighmey

Leo Eko

Festus Eribo

William "Chip" Eveland

Shahira Fahmy

Ellen Fair

Anthony Fargo

Fred Fedler

John Finnegan

Peter Gade

Radhika Gajjala

Rhonda Gibson

Robyn Goodman

Maria "Betsy" Grabe

Jennifer Greer

Robert Griffin

Peter Gross

Martin Halstuk

Kathleen Hansen

Mark Harmon

Joseph Harry

Zhou He

Steve Helle

Heloiza Herscovitz

Jim Hertog

Douglas Blanks Hindman

Lindsay Hoffman

Ed Horowitz

Jisu Huh

Stacey Hust

Leo Jeffres

Julia Corbett

Sri Kalyanaraman

Susan Keith

Tom Kelleher

Alice Kendrick

Spiro Kiousis

Jane Kirtley

Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick

Diana Knott Martinelli

Marwan Kraidy

James Landers

James Larson

C. …

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